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The Tyrant? ring is based on the legend and myth of Richard III's reputation as a tyrant and contrasts this with references to couture fashion and luxury jewellery. Garnets and diamonds are encased in the ring for their magical properties they were believed to have in Richard's time - protection from poison and victory in battle. The ring invites the viewer to decide whether the ring is tyrannical or whether it is simply a beautiful piece of jewellery.


The Buried Treasure neckpiece takes inspiration from the Vikings, including the idea of the journey of the warrior to an unknown land inspired by the shape, form and lines of the longboats, and the idea of each piece being a precious object of buried treasure... Materials are carefully chosen to reflect those used in jewellery at the time including silver and garnets. Rosewood is hand carved in selected pieces to reference the mix of materials in longboat constuction.


The Journey brooch is inspired by the idea of the journey represented through line and material. It's lines reference pathways, intersections and the passage of time whilst the found wood element refer to my own childhood collection of found treasures and memories from my journeys, including seaside beach huts, whitewashed houses and painted olive tree trunks. For me, the faded paint speaks to the wearing away of the innocence of childhood

Special projects

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